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John R. Astrab, PT, DPT, OCS, MS, CSCS



Philosophy and Background

One patient is scheduled for one hour with care provided by a  Board Certified Physical Therapist. This allows ample time for direct, individualized treatment including soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, therapeutic exercise, neuromuscular re-education, motor control training and patient education; as well as concise documentation to ensure consistent care and reimbursement when appropriate.  We contend optimal care is achieved when the treating Physical Therapist and the patient  determine the course of care not the insurance provider. Except for United Healthcare we are an out of network provider. 



John has over 20 years experience  in the management of pain and movement dysfunctions. Through the use of a thorough systems review and a comprehensive physical examination he has been able to deliver the highest quality of care in a consistent fashion across the spectrum of acute, sub-acute and chronic spinal, upper quarter and  lower quarter musculoskeletal conditions. Over 10,000 clinical treatment hours have been devoted to the rehabilitation of patients presenting with, but not limited to: cranio-facial disorders, status post surgical arthroplasty and arthroscopy procedures, nerve compression syndromes, soft tissue strain and sprain injuries, balance disorders, gait abnormalities, occupational injuries, motor vehicle accident injuries, as well as sports injuries.


John utilizes a “best practice” approach, which is evidence based in combination with many internationally recognized approaches from a multitude of disciplines. Influences include Andrew Taylor Still, James Cyriax, Freddy Kaltenborn, Geoff Maitland, Stanley Paris, Robin McKenzie, Janet Travell, Moshe Feldenkrais, Frederick Alexander, Bob Elvey,  David Butler,  Ida Rolff, Brian Mulligan, Jeff Ellis, Ola Grimsby, Chad Cook, Gary Gray, Erson Religioso, Mariano Roccobado, Gray Cook, Gregory Johnson and Vicky Johnson.






"Intervention should be based on a thorough definition of the tissue in lesion, a list of impairments and a desired functional outcome. Resolving pain is only a starting point for treatment. Influencing tissue repair is a primary intervention addressing the cause of symptoms and dysfunction" Ola Grimsby & Jim Rivard from Science, Theory and Clinical Application in Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy, 2008