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Thoughts on Mobility and Stablity from Gray Cook: 

“Thus, mobility comes first...It’s the Law of Nature. Kids aren’t born stiff and then work on their flexibility for six months. Kids are pretty much born with ultimate flexibility and no control. Then, they earn their stabilization…

When I’m talking corrective exercise, there’s not a lot of stress or load because we’re learning to manage bodyweight. Managing balance without a load is something that’s natural. Everybody does that as they’re learning to walk. However, it’s unnatural to load a squat that doesn’t have any integrity to it.

There’s no situation where a baby would think, ‘I can’t really squat that good right now. Could you put a mini backpack on me and see if that helps my balance? Your brain forgets to move with integrity and balance and just goes into survival mode. You survive the load, but you don’t benefit from it. You don’t learn to engage or pressurize from the load. You don’t get any motor benefit.”

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