John R. Astrab PT, DPT, OCS, MS, CSCS
Expertise in Physical Performance and Wellness

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We are no longer an in network provider for United Healthcare. We will continue to submit routine claims to your insurance if you have out of network benefits. However we will not conduct any business with tertiary parties such as managed care organizations or where outsourced pre-authorization is required.

Please be aware commercial medical insurance do impose limits on our services and there may be limitations to how much they will pay for our services. These limits may be based on chronicity of your condition, duration of treatment, number of visits or dollar amount per calendar year. Individual plans vary, so it is best to consult your individual plan to verify your benefits. Additionally, please be aware commercial medical insurance plans may pay if they determine the services are medically necessary. Medical necessity means that the unique skills of a therapist are needed to safely and effectively furnish a recognized therapy service whose goal is improvement of an impairment or functional limitation. It is very important to recognize not all conditions meet commercial insurance providers definition of medically necessary.

We have effectively ended our relationship with Medicare, effective March 2019. If you are a Medicare beneficiary you may be seen for Wellness, Fitness, Prevention and General Strengthening or Flexibility Training programs. If you are a Medicare beneficiary and you or your referring physician believes the services are medically necessary you are advised to seek a Medicare provider.

We remain one of the few clinicians in the area to offer treatment with a Class 3 Cold LASER (LLLT) and we remain one of the only providers in the area to schedule one patient per hour with one to one, individualized care by a Board Certified physiotherapist. 

We have a safety plan in place in response to COVID 19 and we will adhere to local, state and federal guidelines. We will offer alternative treatment options including telemedicine and video conferencing. One half hour will be allowed for between appointments in order to comply with social distancing and surface cleansing recommendations. In further patients and clinicians will be required to wear masks.


"Intervention should be based on a thorough definition of the tissue in lesion, a list of impairments and a desired functional outcome. Resolving pain is only a starting point for treatment. Influencing tissue repair is a primary intervention addressing the cause of symptoms and dysfunction" 

Ola Grimsby & Jim Rivard from Science, Theory and Clinical Application in Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy, 2008